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Hi!!! I'm Mukund. I'm currently pursuing my B.E in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at REC. I write "Everything About Blogging" to help newbies evolve into probloggers. I started blogging in the year 2008 and my field of expertize are blogger customization, HTML coding and optimizing websites. To contact me, please email at smalwayz@gmail.com!! VISIT MY BLOG: EVERYTHING ABOUT BLOGGING|FREE PREMIUM BLOGGER TEMPLATES

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I recently came across about a MP3 player and so I just thought may be I can try to get the review for you. Though I did not use this or had seen this, I checked the web and also had a look at various videos of this gadget and now I write the review for it. At present the variety of MP3 players is so huge that everybody can find exactly what he/she wants. Nevertheless, producers continue to design new devices in order to offer even bigger amount of MP3 players and, consequently, help consumers to choose the ones that perfectly suit their taste.

Gresso company also decided to design something special. Its gadget represents a stylish MP3 player that is made of ebony and gold. According to the information given on Gresso company's site this ebony is 200 years old. Yet, it may be just a "small" exaggeration. But the most important fact is that the price of this device is 6000 USD. The characteristics of this gadget are as simple as possible: equalizer, FM-radio, 1GB of memory and that's it.

Thus, the only distinctive feature is its unique excellent design.
Despite the fact that this player looks really great, I don't think that many people will intend to buy it at such a high price. However, some like buying exclusive things in order to emphasize their prosperity and individuality. Most likely this gadget was designed just for that sort of people. The only advantage as we see is that wood(nature) and technology go hand in hand. So this gadget would provide a lot of way for the upcoming gadgets to be Eco-friendly.

BlackBerry Storm Review 0

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The new Vodafone’s BlackBerry Storm has stormed the market and has attracted the whole world. BlackBerry’s parent company says that this phone is something that will really compete with an iPhone. So, here goes an elaborate review about the phone. The Storm has a clickable touch screen, which is really spectacular. On the Storm, the screen moves under your finger’s pressure, so that when you touch the screen it highlights an option and only selects it when you press down. It’s a simple and highly efficient system that has been inculcated in this phone.

Cutting and pasting text is a major iPhone omission, but that’s overcome here. Touch the screen at the beginning and end of the text and it is highlighted, so you can copy and paste easily. The camera, a 3.2 mega pixel that has an auto focus sensor with flash, outguns Apple’s handset (Apple iPhone’s Review). And unlike the iPhone, all the programs in use stay active even when they’re not on the screen in front of you. But the million dollar question here is how battery-depleting will this be??? Only time can answer for this.

The major drawback of this phone is the lack of Wi-Fi. RIM, BlackBerry’s parent company, says there just wasn’t room, but it is still disappointing. So I think the next step for them would be to inculcate Wi-Fi. On the other hand, the handset is only available on Vodafone, which has an extensive HSDPA enabled network and includes 500MB of data transfer per month (and Vodafone tell us that unless you exceed this regularly, you won’t be billed extra).

So is it an iPhone beater, at last? It’s a tough call. The lack of Wi-Fi is a shame and it’s pretty chunky, though not so wide you can’t use it as a phone comfortably. But the screen, a higher resolution than Apple’s, looks terrific. The clickable touch screen is exceptional and there is of course the BlackBerry email functionality as well. According to my knowledge, Vodafone offers this phone for Rs.27, 990 or $574. So, after all this review, you may get your hands on this phone but at the loss of Wi-Fi technology. For more pictures and videos, click here.